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Funny Love

17 Nov

Need cute couple ideas? Here are a few found off of Wanelo. Wanelo is an amazing website to find exactly what you need! Check it out. ūüôā


 I Would Cuddle You So Hard

Together Since 1980

Want to see more? Just visit Wanelo and search what your heart desires! To learn more see Lil Dee’s post Wanelo.



17 Nov

Shiny Gold Secret Message Locket - Vintage Brass Ball Locket Necklace - New EditionMod Podge "Wizard" iPhone 4 / 4s Phone Case "Harry Potter inspired"Wanelo¬†¬†is a really cool website where a bunch of designers and stores¬†come¬†together on one site. For¬†example, if you search “Necklace” it will take you to a bunch of necklaces ¬†that are really cute. Or, if you search “IPhone Case“, you can find cool¬†stuff¬†for your iPhone. The things you can find on this website are really¬†limitless. And the products are so unique and awesome that I don’t think you’d be able to find them anywhere else. So log on and check some of this stuff out!

Find any cute things on Wanelo? Post a link in the comments! Maybe we’ll make a post about it featuring a link to you’re blog! ūüôā

Harry Potter Iphone Case

Shiny Gold Secret Message Locket

K. Stew Strikes Again

15 Nov

Being bold as ever, she steps onto the Breaking Dawn Premiere in London in yet another revealing ensemble. Yet again rocking another piece of clothing from Murad, Kristen Stewarts walks the red carpet with this …different looking jumpsuit.

She knows how to put on a show, though I don’t completely agree to this jumpsuit being the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, she can pull it off. Good job K. Stew ūüėõ

Excuse Me… What Are You Wearing?

15 Nov

I’m not trying to say its ugly but… it kinda is. This little red ridding hood, creepy, and weird dress¬†that Nicki Minaj wore to the 2012 Grammy awards is a bit off. This dress I have to say is a fashion don’t, why she wore it? I’m unsure. It’s one thing to want to dress crazy and fun but this is a bit far, especially for Nicki. Having a dress with the really creepy face on the front is one way of standing out but it doesn’t really work with a red riding hood theme. As I said in the begining, this definitely is a fashion don’t.

Fashion Do’s and Don’t: Part One

13 Nov


  • Don’t wear shorts and Uggs: ¬†It’s¬†November people! Uggs and shorts is a major don’t, and this goes for fall, winter, spring and summer. Make up your mind on the season girls!
  • Don’t wear jeggings under skirts: Jeggings are not, I repeat, NOT leggings. They are not meant to wear under dresses, skirts, etc. If its a cold day and you still want to wear a skirt, get a nice pair of black or white leggings, they usually go with anything.¬†Would you wear jeans under skirt? No, no you wouldn’t.
  • Don’t¬† wear socks and sandals: This is a¬†fashion¬†statement that many people think they can pull off. Most people can’t. It just doesn’t look right. If you are going to wear sandals, wear them as they should be; barefoot! ūüôā


  • Do¬†paint your toes if you’re gonna wear flipflops/sandals in the spring:¬†Having painted nails when you can see your toes is very cute. It just adds a little more color to your outfit that you can only have in spring and summer. ūüôā
  • Do wear a variety of footwear:¬†Don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday. Have some variety. Instead of wearing those same sneakers every day, or those Uggs or flipflops everyday, switch it up. See what goes with the outfit you’re wearing, rather than jut what you’re used to wearing.
  • Do¬†¬†accessorize: Accessorize! Wear earrings, scarves. jewelry, headbands, belts, etc. As long as you don’t wear too much and it goes with your outfit, it almost always makes your outfit better when you do it right.

Comment if you agree or disagree with these, and why?

We’ve Seen Too Much..

13 Nov

Kristen Stewart shows up at the Twilight Premiere with a very revealing dress. In the past, Kristen didn’t have to think twice about her trendy outfits, but is this her new look? Showing up at the red carpet last minute putting shoes on.. C’mon Kristen, Bella can carry a vampire in her stomache, you can’t wear heels to this premiere?

*~In The Past~*

*~At The Premiere~*

Like Lil Dee pointed out in her last post Um… We Can See Through That!, it may be cute, but it is definetly too revealing. Designer Zuhair Murad made¬†the pale strapless dress.

Foto 2 Fashion

13 Nov

Are you creative with both photography AND design? Well you should take a look into this, this could be your big break. Design the FIRST nelou collection based on Hipstamatic photographs. Talenthouse is holding an opportunity for designers to create the first nelou collection inspired by photos taken on the iPhone app, Hipstamatic.

Are you interested? Please use the link below to take you straight to the competition and other details.

Good Luck all participants! xoxo

Questions? Please comment (: