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17 Nov

Shiny Gold Secret Message Locket - Vintage Brass Ball Locket Necklace - New EditionMod Podge "Wizard" iPhone 4 / 4s Phone Case "Harry Potter inspired"Wanelo  is a really cool website where a bunch of designers and stores come together on one site. For example, if you search “Necklace” it will take you to a bunch of necklaces  that are really cute. Or, if you search “IPhone Case“, you can find cool stuff for your iPhone. The things you can find on this website are really limitless. And the products are so unique and awesome that I don’t think you’d be able to find them anywhere else. So log on and check some of this stuff out!

Find any cute things on Wanelo? Post a link in the comments! Maybe we’ll make a post about it featuring a link to you’re blog! 🙂

Harry Potter Iphone Case

Shiny Gold Secret Message Locket