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Meet Kayla

10 Nov

Welcome¬†Kayla, she’s outgoing, artsy, and a bit on the wild side. She’s the newest member to the blog as our first OFFICIAL model. Give her a round of applause. ūüėČ


Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Vendor @ Chatham MA

Jeans: Old Navy (Ripped by Kayla)

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (Black)

Questions? Comment ūüôā



Drop-Crotch Jeans…What?

10 Nov

Sooo… Has anyone noticed these strange jeans? They are meant to be a roomier and more comfortable option to super skinny jeans, allowing more room in the thigh area. They do look comfortable, but are they worth the stares any wearer of these jeans would get? These jeans are made for guys and for girls.

These jeans are being sold for 60 to over 180 dollars!

Don’t believe this strange trend? Check it out Polyvore

Jean Sandal Boots..?

10 Nov

Yeah, you read the title correctly. Israeli Etsy designer DaniKshoes has each “Jean Sandal Boot” selling for $140 a pair!¬†Since these Jean¬†Sandal Boots are¬†handmade,¬†two pairs will never look alike, not that¬† it makes wearing them any better. They¬†are made of vintage blue jeans, pink plaid linen and high quality rubber soles. The pockets? They’re useable. Take a look for yourself.

Still don’t believe me? See for yourself: DaniKshoes