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K. Stew Strikes Again

15 Nov

Being bold as ever, she steps onto the Breaking Dawn Premiere in London in yet another revealing ensemble. Yet again rocking another piece of clothing from Murad, Kristen Stewarts walks the red carpet with this …different looking jumpsuit.

She knows how to put on a show, though I don’t completely agree to this jumpsuit being the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, she can pull it off. Good job K. Stew ­čśŤ


We’ve Seen Too Much..

13 Nov

Kristen Stewart shows up at the Twilight Premiere with a very revealing dress. In the past, Kristen didn’t have to think twice about her trendy outfits, but is this her new look? Showing up at the red carpet last minute putting shoes on.. C’mon Kristen, Bella can carry a vampire in her stomache, you can’t wear heels to this premiere?

*~In The Past~*

*~At The Premiere~*

Like Lil Dee pointed out in her last post Um… We Can See Through That!, it may be cute, but it is definetly too revealing. Designer Zuhair Murad made┬áthe pale strapless dress.

Recent Buys I

12 Nov

I’ve recently bought these pair of sneaker wedges that make my heart skip a beat when I see them. I absolutely love them. They’re from Steve Madden, I bought them in┬áTAUPE SUEDE, they’re called LLEVE.┬áThey come in BLACK,┬áCOGNAC, and TAUPE SUEDE, as seen below.

~*Picture Taken Off Google Images*~

Aren’t they cute? They’re really comfy so it makes walking around in them easy. I have an outfit that goes nicely with it from Body Central.

*~Picture Taken Off Google Images~*


Shirt: Sleeveless Hi-Low Chiffon Top (Body Central)

Pants: Black Skinny Pant (Body Central)

Questions? Comment below (:

Um… We Can See Through That!

11 Nov

Has anyone noticed this new trend? Bandos and see through shirts have become a thing a lot of girls wear.

Pins and Needles Crochet Collar Chiffon BlouseStaring at Stars Chiffon Dot Shirt

Sparkle & Fade Western Print Chiffon BlousePins and Needles Chiffon Tie Neck Tunic

These cute but revealing looks may be trendy, but a little too provocative for in public. The see through fabric makes the shirt almost not there, and because there is so much skin showing, it is┬ábasically┬áthe┬ásame thing as wearing a bikini top in public. But because a person is wearing a┬ápiece┬áof cloth underneath┬ácovering┬átheir chest area it makes it okay? I don’t think so. These tops are perfect for going to the beach or just hanging out during the summer months, but they’re a little too revealing for school and for walking around during winter and fall.┬áBut, if you like them, you can get them at the┬áUrban Outfitters┬áwebsite.

Do you agree or disagree? Leave a coment to tell us what ou think about this trend. ­čÖé