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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

12 Dec

Hey everybody! So it’s December! And I thought I’d write a post about the things on my list. ūüôā Getting in the holiday mood!

Number 1: An IPhone 4s White with an OtterBox Case.

Number 2: Prague Lace Up Boots in Brown

Number 3: Steve Madden Lleve Sneaker Wedges in Cognac

Number 4: Elle Chiffon Dress

Number 5: Womens Osito Jacket in Black

Number 6: Black Opps 2

What are you asking for Christmas? Leave a comment on what you’re hoping to see under your Christmas Tree? (Or If you are Jewish just what you’re asking for)

Wanted Prague Lace-Up BootSteve Madden Lleve Sneaker WedgeElle Chiffon DressWOMEN'S OSITO JACKET


Fashion Do’s and Don’t: Part One

13 Nov


  • Don’t wear shorts and Uggs: ¬†It’s¬†November people! Uggs and shorts is a major don’t, and this goes for fall, winter, spring and summer. Make up your mind on the season girls!
  • Don’t wear jeggings under skirts: Jeggings are not, I repeat, NOT leggings. They are not meant to wear under dresses, skirts, etc. If its a cold day and you still want to wear a skirt, get a nice pair of black or white leggings, they usually go with anything.¬†Would you wear jeans under skirt? No, no you wouldn’t.
  • Don’t¬† wear socks and sandals: This is a¬†fashion¬†statement that many people think they can pull off. Most people can’t. It just doesn’t look right. If you are going to wear sandals, wear them as they should be; barefoot! ūüôā


  • Do¬†paint your toes if you’re gonna wear flipflops/sandals in the spring:¬†Having painted nails when you can see your toes is very cute. It just adds a little more color to your outfit that you can only have in spring and summer. ūüôā
  • Do wear a variety of footwear:¬†Don’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday. Have some variety. Instead of wearing those same sneakers every day, or those Uggs or flipflops everyday, switch it up. See what goes with the outfit you’re wearing, rather than jut what you’re used to wearing.
  • Do¬†¬†accessorize: Accessorize! Wear earrings, scarves. jewelry, headbands, belts, etc. As long as you don’t wear too much and it goes with your outfit, it almost always makes your outfit better when you do it right.

Comment if you agree or disagree with these, and why?

We’ve Seen Too Much..

13 Nov

Kristen Stewart shows up at the Twilight Premiere with a very revealing dress. In the past, Kristen didn’t have to think twice about her trendy outfits, but is this her new look? Showing up at the red carpet last minute putting shoes on.. C’mon Kristen, Bella can carry a vampire in her stomache, you can’t wear heels to this premiere?

*~In The Past~*

*~At The Premiere~*

Like Lil Dee pointed out in her last post Um… We Can See Through That!, it may be cute, but it is definetly too revealing. Designer Zuhair Murad made¬†the pale strapless dress.

Recent Buys I

12 Nov

I’ve recently bought these pair of sneaker wedges that make my heart skip a beat when I see them. I absolutely love them. They’re from Steve Madden, I bought them in¬†TAUPE SUEDE, they’re called LLEVE.¬†They come in BLACK,¬†COGNAC, and TAUPE SUEDE, as seen below.

~*Picture Taken Off Google Images*~

Aren’t they cute? They’re really comfy so it makes walking around in them easy. I have an outfit that goes nicely with it from Body Central.

*~Picture Taken Off Google Images~*


Shirt: Sleeveless Hi-Low Chiffon Top (Body Central)

Pants: Black Skinny Pant (Body Central)

Questions? Comment below (:

Nike Making High Heels?!

11 Nov

I’m not saying I don’t like them but I am a little confused. Should Nike, a sports shoe company, really be making heels? I mean on one side they’re cute and on the other I don’t know what to say. Maybe Nike should stick to sports and not fashion. Find these shoes at Nike’s store online.

Meet Kayla

10 Nov

Welcome¬†Kayla, she’s outgoing, artsy, and a bit on the wild side. She’s the newest member to the blog as our first OFFICIAL model. Give her a round of applause. ūüėČ


Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Vendor @ Chatham MA

Jeans: Old Navy (Ripped by Kayla)

Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star (Black)

Questions? Comment ūüôā


Move Over Uggs

10 Nov

For a long time Uggs have been the go-to boots for any ¬†girl. They’re warm, comfortable and go with almost any outfit. They were also expensive, so knock offs were made such as Bear Paw or Emu. Many people had those to and Ugg imitations were seen all the time as well. ¬†But now there are many other types off boots and shoes that are taking the spotlight away from these Uggs.

Wanted Prague Lace-Up Boot

These cute boots have become very popular lately, completing any look, especially with skinny jeans and a nice leather jacket. And they’re also really comfortable and go with basically anything. They’re also not all that expensive! They go for about 45$ at Delia’s.

Women's Violet Moccasin Slipper

Women's Skipper Moccasin

These shoes have become a very popular trend as well, especially the ones with the fur for the winter. ¬†They’re like Uggs too, because they go with everything most of the time. These shoes go for about $80, so they’re a little on the pricey side, but they are definitely a cute addition to you’re wardrobe this season! Get a pair at Sperry

Which do you like better? Uggs, Lace ups or loafers? Comment your opinion and why? ūüôā