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Its Sweater Season!

25 Nov

Finally! Time to get all comfy cozy with our favorite sweaters. I was wandering around Wanelo and found the cutest sweaters I’ve ever seen. Check them out:

Opinions? Comment and tell us what you think! You can find these sweaters here. ūüôā


Boot Cuffs!

23 Nov

Crochet Boot Cuffs - Natural Wool - 6 Neutral colorsCROCHET boot CUFFS/SOCKS Get 2 for 25 or 3 for 38

ūüôā Hey everybody!! So, has anyone noticed this new trend? Boot cuffs! Boot cuffs look like this.You put¬†¬†them on at the top of your boot and tuck the end in. These cute things leave a very nice and layered look. And on Wanelo, (Don’t know what Wanelo is? Check out my article on it, Wanelo,) they have a real cute selection. I love these things. Check them out! ¬†Each pair goes for about 20-40 dollars, depending on the brand. Wanna get some? Click here.

crochet boot cuff leg warmers in grey marble tweed

Stuff I Found on Wanelo: Nature Meets Jewelry

21 Nov

Green Moss Necklace 02 Real Forest Moss Specimen Orb Resin Pendant Botanical Dried Plant Nature WoodlandHey everyone! So I was doing¬†some¬†looking around on Wanelo¬†and I found some really cute stuff! If you don’t know what Wanelo is, check out my other article Wanelo. So, now to the good part!

Check out these cute nature inspired necklaces! Each have a little¬†piece¬†of nature in a small glass orb on a chain. They’re a little¬†pricey¬† but they’re worth it! I mean, look at them! Very cute and a good conversation starter. Plus, they’ll go with pretty much any outfit.Wanna buy one? Click here.

Tree Of Life Pendant Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace Turquoise Copper Necklace Wire Work

Isn’t this gorgeous? This tree of life pendant is made of hand forged copper wire and genuine chips of turquoise stone. This wire work is truly beautiful, don’t you think? Anyways, you can grab one of these for $30. ¬†Wanna buy one? Click¬†here.

Turquoise Feather Crystal Crackle Glass Marble Necklace

FEATHERS! You just gotta love feathers! They complement any look and this cute piece is no different! This necklace is a great addition to your jewelry box. (And hopefully mine too!) The marble is fried, creating cracks and fissures inside, to give each one a truly unique and beautiful look. You can get one for only $7.25! Want to buy one? Click here.

Don’t you love nature? Especially in jewelry. Well, leave a comment if you find any cool stuff on Wanelo, if its good ill make a post about it and tag you. Oh, and have a Happy Thanksgiving everybody! ‚̧

Funny Love

17 Nov

Need cute couple ideas? Here are a few found off of Wanelo. Wanelo is an amazing website to find exactly what you need! Check it out. ūüôā


 I Would Cuddle You So Hard

Together Since 1980

Want to see more? Just visit Wanelo and search what your heart desires! To learn more see Lil Dee’s post Wanelo.


17 Nov

Shiny Gold Secret Message Locket - Vintage Brass Ball Locket Necklace - New EditionMod Podge "Wizard" iPhone 4 / 4s Phone Case "Harry Potter inspired"Wanelo¬†¬†is a really cool website where a bunch of designers and stores¬†come¬†together on one site. For¬†example, if you search “Necklace” it will take you to a bunch of necklaces ¬†that are really cute. Or, if you search “IPhone Case“, you can find cool¬†stuff¬†for your iPhone. The things you can find on this website are really¬†limitless. And the products are so unique and awesome that I don’t think you’d be able to find them anywhere else. So log on and check some of this stuff out!

Find any cute things on Wanelo? Post a link in the comments! Maybe we’ll make a post about it featuring a link to you’re blog! ūüôā

Harry Potter Iphone Case

Shiny Gold Secret Message Locket